No Winner in 2016

For the first time in the 15-year history of the Lakefront Days Medallion Hunt, there was no winner to claim the $200 and a ride in the parade.  Seven clues were posted during the three-week hunt, but which clues were key to finding the medallion.  In clue number three the clue master wants you to think of areas around water, “places where you wear no shoes”.  Clue number four reads, “Waterbodies we have many”, again the medallion is near one of the 14 lakes in Prior Lake. Clue number five talks about trails you should walk – new and old, so the medallion is on a trail near a lake.  Clue number six mentions “our nation’s symbol – the bald eagle.  The last clue confirms it is on a new trail because the clue master says “Welcome to this trail” and tells you to look by “double oak blocks”. So if you would have looked by Markley Lake which has old and new trails in the Eagle Creek subdivision near Kwik Trip on CR 21, you would have found the medallion next to the new retaining wall blocks under the double oak tree.  Thank you to all that participated.