Clue #6

Mighty Cottonwoods here do stand
But in which one did I land?
If you search toward the back
you will surely be off track.

2018 Winner

The medallion has been found. The winner will be announced this afternoon.

Clue #5

This park is named for Hollywood fame
A sports writer they did claim.
By boat or land you could go
To take the bounty under tow.

Clue #4

Don’t get bogged down as they say
Plenty of room here to play.
Follow the wood chips for a spell
So you can see where I dwell.

Clue #3

Think of parks on the lakes
For each a chance for you to take.
But on which lake might I be             
That will be for you to see.

Clue #2

Two big days of family fun
With something offered for everyone.
 Dancing, rides and bean bags too
 Parade and carnival just for you.
And if you like a real kick
 Conquer Ninja should be your pick.

Clue #1

Score and 15 for our city fest
And this year will be the best.
Downtown and Lakefront Park will be our host
With new events for you to toast.