Clue #3

Think of parks on the lakes
For each a chance for you to take.
But on which lake might I be             
That will be for you to see.

Clue #2

Two big days of family fun
With something offered for everyone.
 Dancing, rides and bean bags too
 Parade and carnival just for you.
And if you like a real kick
 Conquer Ninja should be your pick.

Clue #1

Score and 15 for our city fest
And this year will be the best.
Downtown and Lakefront Park will be our host
With new events for you to toast.


Aug. 2 - 4, 2018 at Lakefront Park


Welcome to the official Lakefront Days Medallion Hunt website.

This site includes information for the 17th Annual Medallion Hunt, part of the 35th Annual Lakefront Days Celebration.

The 2018 Prior Lake Medallion Hunt will begin Saturday, July 14, 2018 with the first of six clues.