Previous Winners

2017: The Allison family of Prior Lake, parents Rob and Heather with Lydia (13), Lauren (11) and Leo (5) found the medallion at Rotary Gateway Park in downtown Prior Lake on July 23, 2017.
2016: No one was able to find the medallion that was located on a retaining wall that               runs along a trail by Markley Lake
2015: Joe Sopczyk (19) and his friend James Stutzka (15) found the medallion at                         Jeffers Pond Fishing Pier.
2014: The Loechler family of Prior Lake, parents Todd and Sarah with Neva (10), Jett (7) and Lily (3) found the medallion at Pike Lake Park on July 26, 2014.
2013: Chris, Natalie and Tommy Sticha (left to right) teamed up with Jake Rosen (far right) and Austin Daniel (not pictured) to find the 2013  Medallion at Spring Lake Regional Park, about 100 ft. from County Rd. 12 and about 100 ft. from the westerly-most trail at the park between two rocks and under a piece of bark.
2012: Tommy, Natalie and Chris Sticha (left to right) found the 2012 Lakefront Days Medallion in Shepherd's Path Park. Not pictured are their parents, Tom and Sue, who helped.
2011: Matt, Scarlet and Bailey Hoffman (left to right) found the 2011 Medallion inside a metal support on a pedestrian bridge on a trail near Pershing St. and Ramsey Ave.

2010: Mike, Natalie, Robbie and Lori Merritt (left to right) found the 2010 Medallion under the Ponds Park entrance monument. They also found the 2006 and 2007 Medallion.


2009: Jim Oliphant and Jenny Johnson found the 2009 Medallion just above a lower safety rail on the northwest side of a long wooden deck at Jeffers Pond.


2008: Friends Patti Melcher and Leslie Perkins (pictured left to right), Jane Broberg, Jane Kappes and Jackie Enger found the 2008 Medallion in a boulder wall north of Rice Lake.

2007: Siblings Robby and Natalie Merritt found the 2007 Medallion near the Lakfront Park Pavilion. They also found it in 2006 (no photo).
2006: Siblings Robby and Natalie Merritt found the 2006 Medallion on the shores of Lake Haas (no photo).

2005: Dan and Tommy Hesch found the 2005 Medallion at Sand Point Beach. Dan Hesch and also found the 2004 and 2002 Medallion.

Photo courtesy Prior Lake American
2004: Dan Hesch and his father, Chris, found the 2004 Medallion under a bench near the Little Prior fishing pier in Lakefront Park after just one clue. Dan and his mom, Kris, also found the 2002 Medallion.

Photo courtesy Prior Lake American
2003: Jodi Anderson and her four children Aaron, Emily, Josh and Luke found the 2003 Medallion taped to the bottom of a bleacher near the Skateboard Park at Lakefront Park.

2002: Daniel Hesch and his mom Kris found the first-ever Lakefront Days Medallion at the Laker Lines Park-and-Ride.